Why are we going digital?

Why are we going digital?

I’m sure most people know that having digital business isn’t something new to the world. What I will be speaking about is the huge change for most businesses moving to digital as a way to survive due to the restrictions that COVID-19 has placed on the world. Simple tasks have become digitised, such as grocery shopping where now we order food and it is delivered. It has clearly taken inspiration from the fast-food industry.

This article is going to discuss the why and the how on why more businesses are moving to the digital plane. Now there are a few reasons for this article, hopefully it will shed some light on the change and potentially offer some tips for businesses that are contemplating the shift to a digital workspace.

Even schooling has been trying to implement digital learning so to accommodate the students that have been affected by the pandemic. Another sector that has made use of being digital is the fashion industry as people are now able to buy a multitude of different brands and have the delivered to your home.

One of the many reasons for people moving to digital is due to people not wanting to move to and live-in urban areas. Because of the lockdown restrictions, most recreational activities and establishments have been suspended so most people who would originally want to live in cities no longer see the point and would rather do remote working.

That isn’t to say that being in the new digital world is an all-round good thing, some industries are suffering quite badly due to the lockdown regulations, a prime example of this is the entertainment industries as in the early stages of lockdowns, bars and clubs were forced to close, as well as the movie industry which can result in massive loss of profits. To combat this scenario though, the movie industry has made two solutions, they release the movies online and rely on paid subscription services or they hold off on movie releases until people are able to go to cinemas again

As I’m sure many would agree, there are many pros and cons to shifting a business into a digital framework, some of these include:


  • Businesses are still able to operate
  • They convenience of working from home can improve productivity
  • There will be fewer business expenses
  • Improved employee satisfaction and retention


  • Staying at home can increase laziness
  • Lack of social interaction can cause decreases in productivity and be detrimental to mental health
  • Social skills and communication quality can decrease

Now in my personal opinion, I believe that with the current world in which we all live, digital and remote working are essential, it is vital that companies iron out the details and get proficient in digital transformation as the future is uncertain in terms of the pandemic. With that though, I believe it is also an opportunity for businesses to improve post-COVID, by keeping certain principles of remote working businesses that can benefit greatly. Companies can increase their work force by having office employees and distant employees. With this all said, I do believe however, that remote working will need to be phased out slowly to some degree as we as people, are social creatures and require in person interaction to have a feeling of fulfilment.

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