Ways in Which Animation can Benefit your Business

Ways in Which Animation can Benefit your Business

In recent years, the use of animation has become widely used for more than just entertainment, Businesses are making use of the medium as a way to reach clients and candidates as they can be used to garner interest as well as to educate. It should also be noted that about one third of peoples online time is spent browsing through videos. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits come with the use of animation in the business world.

Now I’m sure most people can imagine why animation would be beneficial. For instance, animation is more engaging, attracts the attention of others quickly and animation can also help to appeal to wider audiences. That is just a broad look at the concept. Allow us to show you some more detailed benefits of animation in business.

Distinguish from Competition:

Digital marketing has always had a highly competitive nature in the business world. Due to this, being different can be a massive boon as standing out would garner the attention of prospective clients. The use of animations can distinguish you as a creative and innovative business.

Boost Conversion Rates:

Animations have an enhanced ability to help influence viewers purchase products and increase profits. According to some statistics, it is possible for an animation to lead to an 80% in conversions rates if it is on the landing page.

Customer Engagement:

I’m sure we can all agree that a very large amount of our time is spent browsing through videos on our phones, it is due to this that an animated video would be an excellent medium for customer engagement as it is more captivating than a page of text. Businesses desperately need this as it is seen by many as the first step to making a sale.


Googles algorithms take not of the amount of time that an individual spends on a website, this interaction can help to boost your presence in the Google rankings. This is something that all businesses should strive for as it could get them put onto Page 1 of Google which will cause an explosive growth of your business.

Time and Money:

One of the perks of using animation is that it doesn’t age in the same way as live-action videos. For example, fashion and trends are constantly changing. Animated videos do not suffer from this and can stay relevant and useful for longer periods of time. The beauty of an animated video is that can convey in minutes what could take hours to listen to or read.

Extended Reach:

It goes without saying that an animated video has the capacity to reach more people than other media. For example, they can be used on all social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. But can also be show on TV. Due to its wide use, it can reach people globally and promote your product.

Bring Ideas to Life:

In this aspect, it is rather simple. An animated video can help to truly express the passion and skill of the business. It is a way for creativity to flourish, there is also a lot of freedom as any story can be told with this medium. Content can be based solely on what this client needs. We believe that the future of digital marketing is in animation, join us as we move towards it.

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