Wellness during Remote Work

Wellness during Remote Work

Wellness is always a concern for people, we are constantly wanting to be our best selves and nothing in our generation has put as much of a damper on this as the lockdown initiated due to COVID-19. This article will discuss the various ways that people are able to maintain their wellness during this time.

Everyone knows that physical exercise plays a vital role in the maintenance of a good state of mind, this is easily achieved as even a small amount of exercise can be enough to trigger endorphins, this is vital especially as a way to keep focused if you need to complete remote work. Another vital aspect of physical wellness is the diet of a person. Having balanced meals is a must to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The lack of social interaction needs to be supplemented in some kind of way to ensure productivity.

Speaking of social energy. The lockdown put a halt to it. But we as humans, are social creatures and need interaction to keep a healthy mindset. This has proven most tricky as it was against the law to socialise in person with people. But this has proven to be quite the facilitator for creativity as people have found ways around this. A person experience that I have with this is how all our friends would have a braai in their own homes and we would create a Zoom call to everyone so the feeling of having a gathering was still there. Another coping mechanism that I have experienced is that friends have started living with each other during this time so that they do not experience any sense of loneliness, though this also has its deficiencies, mainly, this can cause social burnout and make people retreat into themselves to achieve some level of solace.

In terms of environmental wellness, the planet seemed to benefit due to people being in lockdown and certain industries being temporarily closed, litter and carbon emissions were on a steadfast decline, so much so that wildlife began to enter areas that they never would have due to the presence of humans. An example of this Is when dolphins began to swim through the canals in Venice due to the lack of pollution..

An incredibly important part of a healthy life is the level of emotional wellness that people experience. This is literally defined as the ability to successfully adapt to change and hinderances. For some, COVID-19 meant spending weeks at a time alone or trapped with people. During this time, there was a terrible increase in the amount of domestic violence throughout the world. This has also led to various increases in depression and the termination of many relationships. What I’m trying to say is that we should not dismiss the opinions of others and their experiences during this time in the world. I for one had a pleasant time during lockdown. But I’m not the only one in the world. The cries for help from others should not fall on the deaf ears of those who can to do something about it.

We are one world and one people. We need to have each other’s backs in order to make it through this.

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