Real Heroes Connect

The ‘Real Heroes Connect’ initiative was founded on a mandate received from Health and Welfare Seta to create a campaign to inform and educate as many essential workers as possible as to how to protect themselves from COVID-19 during the initial lockdown period, when it was imperative to keep essential workers safe and healthy and help flatten the curve.

Through a discretionary grant awarded by the Health & Welfare Seta, Real Heroes Connect initially focussed on essential workers in the food manufacturing supply chain, with valid information and facts as to how to protect themselves and their loved ones from C-19, and in turn protect food security. As the economy opened up and more people returned to the workplace, the scope of the brief was extended to target all South Africans, and a further grant awarded to generate more new content.

The Real Heroes Connect initiative launched nine multi-language, gamified, animated interactive videos (data free) to educate South Africans on how to be a Real Hero and take responsibility for one’s action to prevent the spread of the infection.. The short static videos enabled employers to easily broadcast the videos at plants, canteens, and in training rooms and classrooms. Meanwhile, the mobile interactive videos are viewed on employees’ mobile devices at their convenience – being interactive means the viewer can engage by answering questions and entering their details to enjoy a reward.

In addition, due to the increasing demand for support, we created a free toolbox for employers to help their staff absorb official COVID-19 information in a simple, fun, free, interactive, and rewarding way.


Duration project: 6 Months

Client: HWSETA


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