Digital Recruitment

What we do

Here at Talent Brand, we believe people are a source of energy, and the more energetic your people, the more engaged they are and this translates to your bottom line. Working alongside companies that are invested in their people journey, we connect them to energised talent in a meaningful and deliberate way, creating inspirational digital hiring and engagement strategies to transform the candidates, employees and employer experience.

Our Talent Attraction Program

Instead of spending time searching through hundreds of potential candidates and applicants, we run campaigns specifically targeted at the best candidates for your business. This way, the applicants you seek come to you. Our programs connect with the right people in a different and engaging way.

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Our Talent Engagement Program

Keeping your current talent pool (candidates you wish you to engage for potential/future roles) and your current employees engaged and informed is imperative to keeping your talent acquisition and retention ratios up. By maintaining contact and involving the much needed talent in various engagements, we ensure that you are able to keep them interested and connected.

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