Fast forward to 2020 and we recognised that the COVID-19 pandemic was about to hit our industry hard. Traditional recruitment as we knew it was coming to an abrupt end as we experienced our clients and their leaders making drastic shifts to a new way of work. This shift made us realise how important it was to provide solutions that equip our clients with the tools to transition to the new way of working.

In March 2020, the Health and Welfare Seta (HWSETA) was offering discretionary grants to any businesses that could propose solutions to help flatten the curve and stem the spread of the virus. It got us thinking “how can one communicate and educate approximately 400,000 essential workers, with different education levels, languages and spread out across the country while in a Lockdown level 5, about how to protect themselves, their loved ones and co-workers from COVID-19?”

We conceptualised the idea to use digital animation and selected an exceptional team of energised partners, each bringing their expertise to the table and through collective wisdom and action we developed the award winning Real Heroes Connect series of COVID-19 animation videos.

This expertise has been harnessed and Talent Brand is very proud to be able to offer digital recruitment and communication solutions for the workplace.

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